This is a delicious, light gateau with a Japonais (almond meringue) base, filled with a smooth chocolate filling made of ganache and swiss meringue. This simple recipe makes seven gateaux of 7in/180mm in diameter.

Makes seven gateaux

Japonais bases

Egg whites - 400g

Sugar - 300g

- Whisk together until light and fluffy, not too stiff

Sugar - 300g

Ground almonds - 300g

Flour - 50g

- Mix together and fold into above

On silicon paper, mark out 14 x 7in diameter circles, and place paper on a tray.Using a piping bag with a round 9mm nozzle, pipe out the Japonais mix in a spiral pattern into 7in circles.

The mix must completely cover the interior of the circles. Bake at a low temperature (160ºC) until golden. Remove and trim to size, immediately.



Cream - 300g

Butter - 100g

Glucose - 100g

- Bring to the boil in a pan

Plain chocolate couverture - 500g (this is best in grated or drop form)

- Pour the hot cream and butter over the chocolate and stir until smooth.

Swiss Meringue

Egg whites - 300g

Sugar - 300g

- Whisk and heat to 75ºC

Gelatine leaves - 3

- Soak in cold water, remove water and melt

- Add the gelatine to the hot mix, and then whisk until mixture cools.



Fold the Swiss meringue into the warm ganache. If necessary, warm the ganache in the microwave.

To construct the gateaux

Place 7 x 7in x 1.75in-high metal rings on a greased tray. Place one base in each ring. Using two-thirds of your filling, cover the bases.

Top this with your remaining bases. Use the remaining third of your filling to bring it up to the height of the ring and smooth over.



Set in fridge or freezer. When solid, remove from rings, dust top of gateau with cocoa powder and garnish with a piped rosette (or your logo or other chocolate decoration).

The sides of the gateaux can be finished with chocolate chips or masked, according to taste.