Raymond Blanc’s patisserie chain Maison Blanc has unveiled a number of new honey-inspired products for summer. The Beehive is made from a light polenta sponge with poppy seeds, encased in a blend of honey and diplomat cream, and sprinkled with chocolate shavings. Its Bumblebee Cupcakes are made with a soft vanilla sponge, and topped with either mango or zesty lemon icing.

Other products on offer include: Biscuits au Miel little sable biscuits available in mango, strawberry and peach varieties; a Honey and Lavender Polenta Loaf Cake, drizzled with fondant icing; Honey Flower a sticky and sweet bread, baked with honey; a Kalamansi Lime and Coconut Mousse; and Strawberry & Cream cupcake.