Staff at a branch of Northampton-based bakery retail Oliver Adams have been robbed of £600 at gunpoint by a masked raider.

The shop, in Wellingborough Road, Northampton, was raided at 1.30pm on Saturday 9 August as three women assistants were behind the counter. Assistant manager Kelly Hill said that the robber came in and demanded money while pointing a gun at them.

“I was shaking quite a bit,” said Hill, “so it took a while to open the till. Eventually I grabbed a handful of notes and gave it to him.”

Ironically, while the staff were being terrorised, manager Sharon Lukeman was interviewing a new member of staff, who asked whether the bakery had any problems with confrontational customers.

“I told her to stay where she was,” said Lukeman, “because you’d never expect anyone to pull a gun at a bakery.”