A new range of slim-line, fully automatic hot drink machines – the Milano Series 3, 4 and 6 – has been launched by Nescafé Coffee Company (York).

The automatic dispense machines produce a range of speciality coffees, as well as hot chocolate. Its ingredients come in powdered format, so it is easy for operators to control, without the need for fresh milk, says Nescafé.

The Milano Series has been developed in a partnership between Nescafé and machine maker Coffetek. The machines use the Milano range of soluble coffees, dairy whiteners and Aero Hot Choc. They have a backlit front panel featuring a coffee image and feature a stainless steel chassis.

The Milano Series 3 is designed for low- to moderate-volume outlets. The Series 4 is for moderate- to high-volume outlets, while the Series 6 offers greater capacity for high-volume outlets, delivering up to 900 cups per hour.

Drinks can be pre-set to 9oz or 12oz for the Series 3 and 4 machines, while the Series 6 also has a 16oz option.

All three machines can be fitted with cash, card or waiter key control options. They also feature a self-clean facility and an electronic sales and audit system for monitoring the number and type of drinks dispensed.