Bakery equipment manufacturer, MIWE, has launched an energy recovery system, designed to help bakers reduce energy costs. The MIWE eco:nova, was unveiled at the Suedback exhibition in Stuttgart earlier this month.

The machine works by handling oven flue gas and steam separately. The energy contained in the steam, which is higher than that of the flue gas, can be fully exploited and generate maximum savings. The flue gas is fed through a neutralisation unit in the MIWE eco:nova, which extracts the poisonous sulphur dioxide.

Typical savings per day are estimated at around 600 kilowatt hours, depending on how much energy is consumed during baking.

The system is designed for use with many types of baking ovens and different burner capacities and is recommended for bakers with more than four ovens and a gross burner capacity of at least 320kW, with few upward boundaries.

It will be supplied and supported by European Process Plant (EPP), based in Epsom.