"We weren’t using our food display cabinets so I tried putting one or two cakes in there and when I saw the response I thought, ’There’s a market here’. All the cakes are made here. It’s got so popular now that people come in just for the cakes and don’t bother stopping for a drink!"

with pubs closing hand over fist, landlord Andy Fox of Doncaster pub The Woodfield Farm finds success by wooing his punters with a range of 45 cakes

"Our physiology encourages us to consume, and, the truth is, some of us are better at saying no than others"

give the man a cake! Peter Rogers, head of experimental psychology at the University of Bristol, shares with The Mail his ground-breaking views on why some office workers are overweight

"Pete just loves coffee. He’s been planning this for years. He has a business head and his strategy is top-notch"

Peter Andre goes toe to toe with Costa Coffee, which used him for a PR launch in 2010, by opening his New York Coffee Club in East Grinstead