Jacket potatoes are popular in the takeaway market, and Rational (Luton, Beds) says its Potato Baker accessory for its SelfCooking Center means food outlets can produce perfect potatoes in less time than traditional potato ovens.

The Potato Baker is a rack comprising heat-conducting spikes, which transfer heat to the centre of the food. Up to 28 prewashed potatoes can be loaded onto the rack for cooking in just 30 minutes. After they are cooked, the SelfCooking Center switches to a ‘holding’ mode, adjusting humidity to maintain the potatoes’ condition. Rational says the Potato Baker is also perfect for cooking sweetcorn. After use, the rack can be washed in a dishwasher with non-corrosive cleaning agents, due to its non-stick coating.

Rational says the smallest SelfCooking Center, the model 61, can hold three Potato Bakers, giving a capacity of up to 84 potatoes.