Huhtamaki’s (Skelmersdale, Lancashire) disposable cups can be personalised with a logo or company name for no extra cost.

If you order the minimum quantity from the range of Bioware tumblers, printing is free, says the company.

The range of PLA Bioware tumblers are fully compostable and are available in seven sizes: 200ml; 250ml; 300ml; 400ml; 500ml; half-pint; and pint. They are suitable for all soft drinks from juices to smoothies.

With the increasing popularity of takeaway, the printed tumblers can be a moving advert for bakery outlets in the high street, says Huhtamaki.

Bioware tumblers can be printed in up to four colours. They are shatter proof and, under the correct conditions, will compost to soil within 60 days, claims the pack-

aging supplier.