Coffee and tea are essential on-the-go drinks, and Pritchitts (Bromley, Kent) says its one-cup whiteners are a handy accompaniment.

Café Maid, for example, is a single-pot coffee creamer that never separates, even in the hottest coffee. It is lower in fat and calories than cream, and has a long shelf-life with no need for refrigeration.

Pritchitts also offer Millac Maid and Half Fat Millac Maid, which are suitable for use in coffee and tea. Millac Maid, Half Fat Millac Maid and Café Maid have a five-month shelf-life and are offered in packs containing either 120 or 240 portions.

Pritchitts also supplies the Comelle Thick Shake Mix for American-style milkshakes. It is a ready-to-use liquid mix for commercial thick shake machines.

Available in vanilla, bakers can add a syrup of their choice to flavour the milkshakes.