RedBlack Software has rebranded its food information compliance system, which helps companies meet the new EU Food Information to Consumers Regulations (FIR). 

Launched last September as Cybake Fi and used by more than 30 bakeries, the system has been enhanced and rebranded as Infood to meet demand from a wider range of customers, including restaurants, delis and wholesalers.

It is available in four packages – Infood Allergen Tracker, Infood Retail, Infood Wholesale and Infood Premium – so users only pay for what they need.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software, said: “Infood is our fastest selling product right now. Its new name reflects the demand that we are seeing across all food sectors.”

New Infood distributors include: The Food Safety System, Hertfordshire; Scottish Packaging Solutions, Aberdeenshire; Gaining Food Training, Newcastle upon Tyne; and Abbey Labels and Packaging, Belfast.