UK miller Rank Hovis says it is proud to once again sponsor the Craft Bakery Award in 2008. This award is an excellent way for craft businesses to demonstrate their talent in today’s ever-competitive UK and Irish bakery markets.

Looking ahead to this year’s awards ceremony, Sara Reid, Rank Hovis’ marketing manager, says: "Craft bakers are continually surprising us with new product ranges and processes.

"Last year’s entrants, in particular, represented all that was exciting and innovative about the craft of baking."

The focus of this award is not about size of operation or number of shops, but about product excellence, enterprise and ideas.

It is about craft bakery businesses that are moving forward and meeting today’s consumer demands - and that are doing it with passion and enthusiasm.

If you run a successful craft bakery, then please phone for an entry form now.

"We are looking for companies that can demonstrate a real passion for the craft of baking," says Reid.

"Entrants could be a specialist in one area - whether that is artisan breads, the best pies or amazing cakes - or be strong across several product types. We want to celebrate the diversity of the sector.

"The key to success in this award is being able to show you have a clear understanding of market trends and what the competition is doing, and how this understanding has been used to drive the business forward."

Do you have innovative products or ideas delivering impressive business growth? Can you balance product quality and maintain the craft element of your business? Does your business have a competitive edge? If so, you could be the next winner of the Craft Bakery Award.