The Experimental Food Society is at it again exploring the boundaries of art and food. In its latest Spectacular on 21 and 22 October at the Truman Brewery in London E1, one participant was artist Sharon Baker, who sculpts dough like wet plaster. For the occasion she produced hundreds of bread rolls, cast from the hand of the survivalist television presenter Ray Mears.

Among other works of art, the aptly named Baker has been known to make a life-size figure loaf of her own naked body. "I don’t want to make art out of things that will last forever," she told Telegraph reporter and self-declared ’food art’ skeptic Rupert Christiansen. "I prefer materials which, like human beings, have their life and then degenerate and die. And if I get bored with bread, I’m going to move on to jelly, icing sugar and toffee." Well, we guess she has to earn a crust somehow