The number of jobless 16- to 24-year-olds in the UK has risen above the million mark, with overall unemployment rising by 129,000 in the three-month period to September.

Youth unemployment has hit a record high of 1.02 million in the quarter, with an overall UK figure now standing at 2.62 million.

Despite its promises to help 350,000 young people into work, the government appears to have struggled find work for the UK’s youth, after making hefty public sector job cuts.

Employment minister Chris Grayling pins this record-high figure on the impact of the eurozone crisis on Britain. “These figures show just how much our economy is being affected by the crisis,” he said. “Our European partners must take urgent action to stabilise the position.”

The number of young people out of work during the three months to September rose by 67,000, with the unemployment rate increasing to 8.3%, according to The Office for National Statistics.

Paul Kenny, general secretary of the campaign trade union GMB, said: “The number of young people out of work is far higher in the UK than in other parts of Europe and is three times higher than in Germany. Where are all the jobs that were promised to make up for the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in the public sector?”

Youth unemployment figures are the highest they have been since comparable records began 19 years ago, with 286,000 people in full-time education looking for part-time work.

Martina Milburn, from the Prince’s Trust charity, said: “Today’s figures are a wake-up call for Britain. It is critical to help young people into work for the future of our economy and society.”