FRITSCH is known as a baking machine manufacturer with a true passion for dough and specialises in dough sheeting, forming, and processing. The German company has been sharing its ‘Passion for Dough‘ with its customers since its foundation in 1926. 500 employees are committed to developing solutions that inspire customers, from artisan bakeries to industrial-sized bakeries, and help them to achieve their pastry products of choice.

FRITSCH is part of the MULTIVAC Group and utilises a global network of over 80 subsidiaries to guarantee proximity to all customers worldwide. MULTIVAC is one of the global leading providers of packaging and processing machines for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products. All FRITSCH customers can also utilise MULTIVAC’s Technical Help Desk to quickly diagnose and rectify a fault.


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    Optimise bakery efficiency with flexible production lines

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    The challenging modern bakery market requires manufacturers to be increasingly flexible in their approach in order to meet changing consumer trends, while still optimising efficiency. But that flexibility means looking beyond just the traditional high-speed processing lines and tailoring their approach, says Fritsch.