British Rema Process Equipment, based in Sheffield, has introduced an Interchangeable Blender that allows bakers to blend products with different densities using a single piece of equipment.

The Interchangeable Blender enables homogeneous blending of multiple granular products, dry powders, and liquids into powders, including fragile and abrasive products of varying densities and batch sizes, while meeting exacting process requirements in terms of blending efficiency, said the firm.

Suitable for laboratory and small-scale production, with a capacity of between five and 100 litres, the Interchangeable Blender comprises a base section with a motor/gear box, support structure and cantilevered arm, capable of holding a wide range of different blender body types and sizes, which can be easily interchanged.

As a result, cross-contamination is less of an issue, blend times are reduced and there is no need to procure multiple blenders.

Founded in 1927, British Rema was an early pioneer in the field of particle size reduction and size control, specialising in blending, milling, micronising and classification.