Butterware, a supplier of online ordering websites to the lunch-to-go market, has launched a new mobile responsive website design, available to all customers. 

The new design can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, and avoids the need for customers to maintain both a website and an app.

Butterware has been providing custom-designed ordering and payment websites to the lunch-to-go market for five years.

Its websites have features such as meal deals, vouchers, newsletters and recommend a friend.

The new mobile responsive design automatically adapts the view, depending on the device being used, to view the site.

This provides a better consumer experience, particularly on smartphones, meaning consumers can order their lunch on-the-go and collect, says the company.

The new design also incorporates more product images, based on customer feedback, to make their website more visual and appealing.

Butterware customer, Steve Hinds, MD at Taste in Exeter, said: “The design is more visual and more intuitive to use, and the fact that it displays better on phones mean more customers can order without needing to be at a computer, which helps us to grow!”

Graeme Simpson, managing director at Butterware, said:“When we originally launched, our online-ordering websites were new and innovative for the industry, but we understand that it’s important we continue to develop our software to keep pace with the market. Today’s economy is all about mobile-commerce, not just e-commerce, so we’ve upgraded our offering to ensure today’s consumers are getting the best.”