The London brownie company won a £60,000 investment from the dragons.

On last night’s episode, (31 January), business partners Morag Ekanger and Paz Sarmah agreed to give investor Touker Suleyman a 30% stake in their bakery business Bad Brownie, as part of a deal to secure the £60,000.

Bad Brownie Company makes gourmet brownies at its production unit in south east London, which it then sells in markets across the capital. Following the investment, Ekanger and Sarmah now plan to open a high-end shop in central London.

All five dragons enjoyed the brownies, but only one, Suleyman, chose to invest. He has 40 years’ retail and manufacturing experience, and is best known as the founder of British menswear brand, Hawes & Curtis.

Sarmah said on the show: “We both love chocolate. We are obsessed by it. We basically force feed each other constantly.”

When asked about the secret to their great taste, Ekanger said: “We don’t hold back on anything, anything at all. So they are absolutely packed full of really good dark chocolate, loads of butter and loads of any ingredient that makes the flavour stand out.”

But one of the dragons, Sarah Willingham, said that it would be “impossible” to make money, based on their expected turnover. Deborah Meaden agreed, saying: “I do think that retail is the wrong route to go down. They are lovely brownies but as an investment I don’t get it.”