Revenue in Aryzta’s Food Europe division rose 7.5% for the full year to 31 July 2012, to €1.273bn (£795.53m).

EBITDA increased 13.7% in the division, while Food North America saw revenue up 13.2%, and Food Rest of the World up 23.0%.

The Swiss-based speciality bakery firm, which owns bakery brands including Delice de France, La Brea and Honeytop, saw overall revenue for its food group increase 11.3% to €2.87m (£2.28bn).

Owen Killian, chief executive, Aryzta, said the group’s performance had been satisfactory given the challenging macro-environment.

“Weak consumer spending affected our customers and the impact of government austerity measures was particularly noticeable in Europe,” said Killian, adding that resurgent food inflation presents additional challenges for Aryzta and its customers.

“We have no great expectation of any recovery in consumer behaviour during FY 2013 to support revenue growth and therefore expect underlying fully diluted EPS growth to broadly mirror FY 2012 with an increase of 5% –10%.”

It noted a number of prominent food consumption trends, which included the fact that consumers are increasingly seeking foods that are portable and convenient for on-the-go lifestyles, as well as healthier food options, such as whole grain, sodium-free, gluten-free or trans-fat free foods.