Gluten-free specialist Genius has signed a deal with French supermarket chain Carrefour to supply 10 of its products, including gluten-free croissants and pains au chocolat, to stores in Spain.

The Edinburgh-based company struck a deal with the retailer in March to supply bread and pizza to 320 stores, but has now extended this to include: white and brown bread three types of pizza, lemon and raisin pancakes, pitta bread, croissants, pains au chocolat and shortcrust pastry.

All of the products are manufactured in the UK and exported in frozen form to Spain.

Roz Cuschieri, chief executive of Genius, said: “The extended deal with Carrefour is another valuable stepping stone for us as we strive to become a household name in the European gluten-free market. The growth opportunities for us in Europe are enormous.”

Chef Lucinda Bryce-Gardyne developed Genius bread after failing to find quality gluten-free and wheat-free bread suitable for her gluten-intolerant son.