Households are planning and budgeting harder than previous years, according to research conducted by Asda.

The supermarket chain’s Asda Mumdex revealed that 33% of mums purchased presents for this Christmas in the January sales earlier this year. One in three stated that they won’t be purchasing presents for adults, instead choosing to focus on their children.

The brand also anticipates an increase in online shopping. The Asda Mumdex, consisting of over 5,500 Asda mums, showed that ‘convenience shopping’ is a top priority as over half are planning to do more shopping online. A 14% increase on last year, 38% say that will make use of click & collect services.

According to the figures, Asda revealed that 20% of shoppers are already making use of the Asda Christmas Savings Card. The card allows customers to save while they shop. Last year Asda paid out more than £1m in bonuses to customers.

Families are also planning on saving money by not purchasing Christmas decorations. Cards have also fallen in importance, with 6% of mums who bought cards last year saying they won’t for 2013.

Stephen Smith, chief marketing officer at Asda said: “Christmas is a really special time of year for our customers, but the strain of the festive season can be a lot to carry. Last year mums told us they were cutting back, but this year it’s all about planning and budgeting.

“To help make Christmas a little less stressful and even more convenient, we’re expecting a record number of mums to do their Christmas shop online this year.”