A Guardian survey reveals UK bread is the second-cheapest out of seven cities from around the world. 

The study also found sugar to be third-cheapest, and butter fourth.

The results came after the paper asked seven families, one each from London, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, New York, Toronto and Dublin, to send in their weekly shop for comparison. Each weekly shop consisted of the same staple items.

The results found the price of an 800g loaf in the UK was 47p, compared to a £1.45 loaf in Sydney. A loaf in Berlin was cheapest, at 44p.

The survey also concluded that Germans pay the least for their groceries, and Canadians the most. Britain’s bananas came out cheapest.

The article stated: “We don’t claim our survey is an exhaustive or scientific analysis of grocery prices around the world. We asked our correspondents and contributors in the seven cities to go to their usual supermarket – which may not necessarily be the cheapest. Kaiser’s in Berlin is pricier than Lidl. Auchan may not have had the same offers as Carrefour in Paris.”

Total spend in London was also second-cheapest at £70.79. Berlin was cheapest at £65.87, and Canada most expensive at £93.92.

See the full list of comparative grocery items here