UK supermarket Aldi was the stand-out winners in all four categories at the 2016 British Baker Christmas Star awards, with Nevis Bakery and Bakkavör Bread winning the highly recommended accolades.

There were four categories: Christmas Biscuits, Christmas Breads, Christmas Cakes and Puddings and Mince Pie, which were split into winners and highly recommended. To get a Christmas Stars win or highly recommended acknowledgement, the product had to get a score of at least 40 from the judges.

Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Biscuits won the Christmas Biscuits category, while its Specially Selected Exquisite Crackers were highly recommended in the same category.

The supermarket continued its reign into the Christmas Breads category – crowned winner for its Specially Selected Christmas Tree Brioche, while Bakkavör’s Finest Caramelised Red Onion Camembert Sharing Bread Swirls were highly recommended.

The store also won the Christmas Cakes and Puddings category for its Specially Selected Exquisite Vintage Christmas Pudding (Isle of Man), with Nevis Bakery Iced Christmas Fruit Fingers selected as highly recommended in the same category.

Finally, it was a full house for Aldi as it also sealed the winner’s award for its Specially Selected Mince Pies.

Huge congratulations to Aldi, Bakkavör Bread and Nevis bakery on their products, which were judged on appearance, aroma, taste, value for money and innovation.

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