Brace’s Bakery has launched new range of bloomers and batch loaves called Welsh Legends.

Featuring ingredients such as sourdough and quinoa, Brace’s said each item in the new range has been ‘carefully considered’ before being given a name that celebrates Welsh culture.

“Every one of the products in our new ‘Welsh Legends’ range is very different and each stands up on its own merit. We really enjoyed giving each of these new products their own personalities,” said Brace’s director Jonathan Brace.

“As a bakery that is proud to be from Wales, we feel it is important to reflect who we are in what we produce.”

The Welsh Legends range comprises:

  • Gwynny: a white bloomer loaf with a golden crust and added sourdough
  • Môltid: a golden brown loaf with added sourdough and flakes of malted wheat
  • Vortigern: a bloomer made on a wholemeal base with wheat flakes, linseed, soya flakes, rye, corn pieces, barley, added sourdough and a cracked wheat topping
  • Tiger Bay: a batch loaf with added sourdough
  • Gwen-llian: an oaty loaf with dotted flaxseeds enrolled with oats and added sourdough
  • Caradoc: a blend of wholemeal and white including ancient grains such as buckwheat, spelt, rye and red quinoa, with added sourdough and rolled in seed mix
  • Hafren: a mixture of poppy, sunflower, millet and linseeds – and a topping of millet, brown linseed and poppy seeds
  • Heulwen: a golden bloomer with crushed sun-ripened corn pieces

As with its traditional products the Brace’s logo takes pride of place on the packaging of the Welsh Legends range. It also features stand-out, bold colours to differentiate each item, which Brace’s said would give each loaf an identity and set them apart on the shelf.