Bridor has added half-baguettes to its Gourmet Breads range.

The half-baguettes weigh 120g and are supplied part-baked. They are available in three variants: 

  • Caractère Half-Baguette – made with traditional wheat flour and gaude flour (made by gently toasting corn flour).
  • Cereals and Seeds Half-Baguette – made with a cereal sourdough on a wheat flour base with the addition of nine seed variants (white and black sesame, sunflower, amaranth, millet, white quinoa, chai, oats and buckwheat).
  • Rye and Cereals Half-Baguette – made with a buckwheat sourdough, malted wheat and six seeds (sunflower, poppy, millet, sesame, yellow and brown flax).

Bridor said the breads had been designed with an irregular, rustic appearance. It that the doughs are worked with “a higher moisture level and long fermentation periods to deliver distinctive breads with intense taste, complex shapes and finishes”.

To support the launch, Bridor has teamed up with chef Jean-Jacques Massé to develop 12 sandwich recipes, these include Pear & Roquefort, Duck Breast with Figs, Ham & Comté and Scrambled Egg with Gravlax Salmon.