Brioche Pasquier is introducing a selection of four continental-style desserts, aimed at targeting chocoholics on Valentine’s Day.

The Entremets (meaning ‘between courses’ in old French) features multi-layered, mousse-based desserts, handmade to recipes passed down by French patissiers through the generations, said the company. Each Entremets can be sliced into 10-12 portions.

Croustillant Chocolat (800g) is a dark chocolate mousse with a thin layer of crunchy chocolate on top of a biscuit base. It is finished with a velvet chocolate decoration. Opéra (735g) offers a chocolate layered sponge with chocolate ganache and coffee butter cream, finished with a smooth chocolate icing.

Les Trois Chocolats (760g) sees three varieties of chocolate in one dessert; a crunchy biscuit base is topped by a dark chocolate layer, covered with a milk chocolate mousse, then a thin chcocolate crisp, with crowns of white chocolate mousses handpiped on top. Finally, Le Tout Chocolat (760g) has the same layers as Les Trois Chcocolats but is hand-finished with a piped milk chocolate mousses and velvety coating.

The Entremets is frozen, to retain freshness, then has an 18-month shelf-life. They can be defrosted within six hours prior to service.