The majority of British consumers believe it is the responsibility of businesses and government to make food fair, according to a survey carried out by an independent research consultancy, GlobeScan.

The research shows that 92% of shoppers believe food companies should ensure production is fair and sustainable, with 85% expecting the government to take responsibility.

Consumers also want the people who grow their food to be protected from unfair trading practices such as low prices, with 63% believing UK farmers are underpaid for their produce and 64% believing the same about farmers in developing countries.

While two-thirds (65%) accept that responsibly produced foods is more expensive, 58% would be willing to pay more if they knew products were delivering a better price and fairer wages for farmers and workers.

Michael Gidney, chief executive of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “British people are giving a strong message to companies and the government about the kind of trade we want to see. Now, more than ever, they must prioritise fairer, greener, more sustainable food production.”

He added: “The public’s view on the importance of ensuring the human rights of farmers and workers is a clear sign to the government to prioritise these issues and improve working conditions across supply chains.”

The survey was conducted online in June 2016, with 1,004 UK consumers responding.