DE Turneys, the Milton Keynes-based family-run bakery, is donating its unsold food to the city’s homeless.

For the past year, the bakery has been making twice-weekly visits to its local church, a Faith Dimensions ministry, to offer to feed the less fortunate.

Faith Dimensions receives an average of five-to-seven sacks full of food from DE Turneys each week, which it distributes - along with other donated items - outside the area’s Food Centre every Saturday evening.

Giles Deering, the bakery’s joint owner, says that as well as donating to the homeless, the company is considering ways to help further.

“People are becoming homeless more and more often,” he said. “It is worryingly becoming the norm. We give any bread rolls, loaves of bread, French sticks and any cakes we feel would be suitable to last. We were intrigued how it would work and the feedback we have received is fantastic.”

DE Turneys was founded in 1848. It produces hand-crafted bread, rolls and confectionaries for retail and wholesale across Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Earlier this month, Yorkshire-based Toppings Pies donated 1,400 pies and quiches to its local Thorne & Moorends Community hub, which offers food and support to those suffering from food poverty.