Synergy Flavours, global manufacturer of flavourings, extracts and essences, has launched a new range of pastes and seasoning blends to be used in speciality breads.

The products are slow-cooked to allow flavour retention when breads are baked.

The company claims the pastes allow bakers to be more flexible with products, and the flavours can be added to or spread on top of dough to enhance taste.

The pastes can be purchased in BBQ, garlic and herb, Mediterranean, chilli and olive, and can be used alone, or blended with Synergy’s top notes or seasonings products.

The range also includes four new tomato pastes containing different top note flavours.

Vicky Berry, category manager, said: “Our new range is the result of a thorough evaluation process in which we tested the delivery and impact of flavour across different formats of speciality bread. Combining our expertise in culinary, bakery and flavour development, we have created a unique range which delivers distinct profiles and provides our customers the flexibility to create inspiring products.”