Kara, the foodservice bakery brand of Fletchers Group of Bakeries, has launched a range of gourmet rolls and buns.

The additions are in answer to a demand for premium sandwich, burger and hot dog carriers.

“Kara brand’s approach to its new product development process for the Gourmet Range was to look at American influences and the way they are shaping the market, combined with an increase in restaurants, which are positioning hot dogs and burgers as a first-choice menu item.

Gourmet hot dogs are the fastest-growing menu item in the UK, now featuring on 85% more menus than in 2012 to 2013.

“Using these influences and research data on consumer trends, we have created a range of perfect, brioche-style carriers, which offer a really high-quality product with either a glazed or poppy seed finish,” said Chris Haddy, Fletchers Group head of foodservice.

“We originally released gourmet hot dog rolls in 2013 and the success of this encouraged us to expand the range to incorporate buns with the same light yet rich texture.”

The products are supplied frozen.