Frozen pizza and white bread have fallen in price despite the cost of a basket of popular supermarket items jumping by 1% in July, latest figures from show.

The price of a 350g frozen pizza fell by 16 pence to £1.81 in July 2016 – an 8% drop on the same period 12 months ago, the price comparison site revealed.

Its groceries tracker, which monitors the costs of the 35 popular products on a monthly basis, also found that white bread had fallen by 1 pence year-on-year, with an 800g loaf now costing £1.26.
Overall, the shopping website found the cost of a basket of popular supermarket items had risen by 1% to £83.44.

The increase was driven by a sharp rise in the cost of pasta which jumped by 10%, onions (up 9%) and fresh peppers and pasta sauce (both up 6%).

It is the second consecutive month that grocery prices have risen although a full basket of products is still £2.15 cheaper than a year ago, the shopping website claimed.

MySupermarket’s CEO Gilad Simhony warned that grocery sector was likely to witness an “extreme fluctuation of pricing” for popular everyday products given the uncertainty following Brexit.

“Supermarkets are working in uncharted territory and are trying everything to lure shoppers while navigating themselves through what could be a time of prolonged instability,” he said.