Gail’s Bakery has unveiled its first gluten-free sourdough loaf across four of its London bakeries.

Available for £4.20 a loaf, Gail’s said the gluten-free sourdough was inspired by its customers and is made with the same skills and process as all the other sourdoughs it bakes, with the exception of the flours used.

“Since we opened, we have had queries about whether we had plans to create a decent gluten-free loaf,” said Gail’s head baker Roy Levy. “We made a sourdough starter as we would for any other loaf, and nurtured it. Many gluten-free loaves contain eggs or dairy, but we wanted to avoid this and keep the loaf suitable for vegans in doing so.”

In order for Gail’s to produce the gluten-free loaf, it has set about building a completely gluten-free kitchen to ensure that no gluten is present at all.  This purpose-built kitchen only uses gluten-free flours and was the setting for the bakery team’s testing and creation process.

“We didn’t want to create a below-standard gluten-free substitute, so we designed and tested this loaf using high-quality ingredients and plenty of time, exactly as we do with the rest of our sourdoughs,” added Levy.

“There are no special techniques or ingredients other than gluten-free flours.”

Gail’s sourdough range recently received recognition from the Great Taste Awards 2017 after collecting two-star accolades for its Pecan & Cranberry Sourdough, Seeded Sourdough and French Dark Sourdough.