UK baking giant Hovis has reassured consumers in Scotland that its Mothers Pride Scottish Plain loaf is to stay on shelf following social media fears that it was in danger of being axed.

Kodi Black, a DJ based in Glasgow, took to Facebook to encourage fans to ’help save this loaf of bread’ by adding it to their shopping lists.

Nearly 8,000 people who wanted to see the loaf stay in production shared the post across social media channels.

British Baker contacted Mothers Pride brand owner Hovis about the concerns over the future of the brand.

"We know that Mothers Pride has a very loyal consumer base, who are passionate about the Scottish batch loaf and we have no plans to stop producing this iconic bread,” the baker said in a statement.

“However, we do love and appreciate the strong response of support we’ve seen from Scottish consumers.”

In March last year, Mothers Pride Scottish Plain loaves were repackaged in Epilepsy Scotland’s purple and teal tartan, which was designed to raise the awareness of the condition.