Allied Bakeries has unveiled a fresh new design for the Kingsmill brand by updating its logo and packaging.

The company said the new look was designed to “increase appeal amongst families and bring to life Kingsmill’s warm and wholesome qualities”.

The bakery is using a new blue colour, as well as a kite swirl and sunshine behind the Kingsmill lettering.

Darren Grivvell, director of brands at Kingsmill, said: “We wanted to give our logo and packaging more personality to strengthen our positioning as a wholesome family favourite. The changes we’ve made have helped the brand appear a little more playful and lighthearted, whilst still being impactful and easy to shop.

“Our research has been very encouraging with consumers, who identify the freshness and modernity of the design, whilst still appreciating they can see all our bread.” 

The bakery will also be changing the name of two of its products. Oatilicious will become Oaty White and Crusts Away will soon become known as No Crusts - to appeal to both adults and children.

The new packaging is being rolled-out as of this week.