Retail bakery chain Muffin Break has introduced North African cuisine to its stores as part of its Guest flavours initiative running throughout 2017.

Available until 10 November nationwide, the Moroccan Lamb Toastie comprises lamb meatballs, a Ras el Hanout blend of herbs and spices, as well as a topping of baby spinach, tomato passata and crème fraîche.

The Guest flavours initiative is designed to keep the toastie range “fresh, exciting and attractive to customers”, according to the chain.

“We are delighted at the reception our new ‘Guest Toasties’ have received from customers,” said Muffin Break’s marketing manager Gemma Sandells. “Our toastie sales are 12% up year on year and the Moroccan Lamb looks set to continue the trend.”

The Moroccan Lamb Toastie, which will sit alongside Muffin Break’s seven existing flavours, follows on from the popular Salt Beef Rarebit Toastie that was launched in May this year.

Muffin Break announced in August that it is set to open 15 stores in the next 12 months nationwide.