Biscuit company Oreo has revealed that it will bring out two new flavours to its UK range: mint and the limited-edition strawberry cheesecake.

The mint-flavoured product is a twist on the standard cookie, while the strawberry cheesecake combines the traditional cocoa cookie with a smooth strawberry cheesecake flavoured creme filling.

Due to popular demand, last year’s limited-edition peanut butter flavour has been made a permanent addition to the Oreo collection.

Helen Potter, senior brand manager of Oreo, said: “We love to add a bit of wonder to people’s lives at Oreo. That’s why we’re so excited to launch these two tempting new flavours in the UK.”

She added: “Both mint and limited-edition strawberry cheesecake Oreo are a unique twist on our iconic original cookie, so I’m sure Oreo fans will love the two delicious new additions to the range.”

The strawberry cheesecake product will be on a trial period for 12 months – starting from this month, and could be made into a permanent addition to the Oreo family depending on its sales.

However, the mint flavour will be permanently on sale for shoppers from next month.

To find out more about the new products, visit the Oreo website:

Oreo boosted its range with the Golden Oreo and Oreo Peanut Butter lines in mid-year last year.