Pan’Artisan has launched a six-strong breadstick range called Artisan Speciality Breads.

Small plates, sharing dishes and snack-sized portions have increased in demand alongside a rise in fast-casual dining, said the company.

In response to this, Pan’Artisan has rolled out the gourmet breadsticks, which it described as made from premium quality ingredients and ideal as a portable on-the-go snack.   

The range comprises:

  • Green Olive or Black Olive with Pepper Bread Sticks: premium Spanish olives (80kg of olives to 100kg of flour) encased in a light, crispy rustic bread.
  • Fresh Onion Bread Sticks: a light texture and fragrant onion taste, ideal for a sandwich carrier
  • Rustic Bread Sticks with Bell Peppers: a light ciabatta bread incorporating fresh baby bell peppers.
  • Multi Cereal Breadsticks: a mix of grains and cereals
  • Mini Raisin Breadsticks: a naturally sweet and healthier alternative that has no added sugar.

All packs contain 54 breadsticks with the exception of the Rustic Breadsticks with Bell Peppers and the Mini Raisin Breadsticks, which contain 48 and 105 pieces respectively.