An online petition has been launched calling on Burton’s Biscuits to reverse a recipe alteration to its Jammie Dodgers line.

The recent reformulation adds milk protein in the form of whey to the biscuits, meaning they are no longer suitable for consumption by vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. The company claimed the use of the ingredient yielded a more rounded flavour.

The petition, launched on website, has already attracted more than 3,000 signatures and is currently chasing a target of 5,000. It originally focused on vegan issues but some who signed it were also concerned about milk allergies.

Sarah Lewis, one of the petition’s signees, said: “I have friends whose children loved these biscuits as it is the best treat they have. They are allergic to cow’s milk and there are no other treats at standard prices.”

Fellow petitioner Dannii Fox Waller added: “Having a child with allergies can be a daily struggle, like walking through a minefield. We celebrate the ‘safe finds’ and shed tears over the reactions. We trust the big brands to help us on our journey, so a simple recipe change or unclear information causes a big impact on our lives.”

not vegan-friendly

Burton’s Biscuits said the original formulation Jammie Dodgers were not vegan-friendly and packs carried the statement ‘May contain milk and soya’. This was due to the fact they were made on production lines handling milk-containing products.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We have recently carried out a reformulation of our Jammie Dodgers recipe, based on consumer feedback as how best to improve the flavour and texture of the product. The reformulation has resulted in the addition of milk proteins, in line with our mini Jammie Dodgers, and is consequently now listed as an allergen in the ingredients.

“We take allergen control very seriously and aim to ensure we give the correct information to customers in order to help them make the right choices.”

It was recently reported that Burton’s Biscuits was closing in on a deal to buy rival brand Fox’s from 2 Sisters Food Group.