Pastry manufacturer Pidy has launched a range of lighter pastry bases in time for Christmas.

The cases are available in sweet and neutral flavour, and are thinner, in response to customer demand for a lighter shape and different texture.

Robert Whittle, general manager at Pidy UK, commented: “Our new sweet and neutral fonçage pastries are our lightest yet; the light pastry makes the canapés crisper and they also allow more room for sweet and savoury fillings. Our fonçage pastries are in demand with chefs and caterers as the need for thin and healthy pastry continues to grow.”

The company recommends its products to chefs as they save time and effort.

Paul Eason, business development chef at Pidy, explains: “Both product ranges save time while ensuring quality is maintained especially around the hectic Christmas period. Even with thinner pastry, the new range still remains moisture-resistant, allowing caterers to prepare the canapés well in advance - perfect for any busy kitchen.