Pidy, the Belgian pastry products business, has unveiled a range of ’meal-sized’ vol-au-vents it claims are “bigger and better than ever”.

The Pidy ‘Quattro’ vol-au-vents, which come in a case of 48 pieces and retail at £13.25, are described by the firm as the ideal pastry carrier for multitudes of different fillings.

The square-shaped cases can be used as an individual starter, a larger alternative to the buffet style canapé or even a dessert when filled with fruit and chocolate mousse.

Paul Eason, chef and business development manager at Pidy UK, said the company loves the new vol-au-vents and the unique take on the canapé that they represent.

“They have a lovely light texture and a delicious buttery taste, while providing just the right ratio of pastry to filling. They are an incredibly diverse product and suit a variety of different ingredients and flavours,” he said.

“Likewise, they can be adapted to suit any menu or course. The cases offer chefs the opportunity to go the extra mile and revamp the vol-au-vent to suit a more modern menu offering. They are the perfect neutral base for exceptional flavours, using the best seasonal ingredients.”