Pukka Pies has announced a brand relaunch that will be supported by an £8m marketing investment.

The campaign, which will centre on the strapline ‘Everything’s Pukka’, includes a complete renovation of its pie range - from packaging to television advertising.

Activity kicks off on 1 February with a 30-second TV commercial across channels including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Rachael Bouch, Pukka Pies CEO, said the company was looking forward to seeing the public reaction to the relaunch.

“A Pukka Pie is a comforting, good-mood family food and we’re hoping the new campaign resonates, illustrating that whenever life’s up or down, then ‘Everything’s Pukka’ with one of our heart-warming pies on your plate,” she added.

Some products have been given new recipes as part of the relaunch, with the All-Steak Pie now containing “chunkier cuts of meat and a richer, darker gravy with an improved golden flaky pastry”.

Pukka Pies has been making pies in Leicestershire for more than 50 years and the relaunch is part of the brand’s ambition to bring one million consumers into the Hot Pie category.