Redblack Software creates delivery app for bakers

RedBlack Software has created a cloud-based mobile delivery management app to help wholesale bakers simplify operations, reduce paper and data re-entry.

The app, called Cybake Outbound, is designed for wholesale bakers who already use the Cybake 4 bakery control system, launched in April last year.

Cybake Outbound tells bakery drivers which customers to deliver to, what to deliver and the best route to take via Google Maps. It also gives them the option to verify unattended drop-offs by taking proof-of-delivery photos.

In addition, customers can sign for goods on drivers’ phones instead of paper delivery notes.

There are numerous benefits to the new app, according to RedBlack Software:

  • There is no longer a need for bakery firms to print out route maps, invoices and delivery notes for their drivers, saving huge amounts of time, paper and printing costs.
  • All interactions between drivers and customers are inputted straight into Cybake via the new app. Production requirements are adjusted accordingly throughout the whole system and the endless rekeying of data required by paper-based note-taking is eliminated.
  • Drivers can now deal with adjustments, standing orders and queries on the spot, meaning bakers spend less time on the phone dealing with misunderstandings or chasing them up.

“Bakers want to cut their printing costs, go paperless and save the planet. That’s the message we got from very many of our users, so we developed Cybake Outbound to do just that,” said Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software.

“All bakers produce a proliferation of paper in the form of invoices, production reports and delivery notes. Although some customers may still want three-part paperwork, with this new module, bakers can now give them the choice. Electronic delivery notes have the added advantage that they update the Cybake system, so no further data entry is needed.”

Cybake Outbound is available now to users of Cybake 4 from £25 per month per van.