Cereal maker Bokomo Foods is now the main supplier to all major supermarkets’ own-brand cereal products.

Bokomo has seen a 21% year-on-year (yoy) sales growth, and what it described as “significant growth”, over the last four years.

Part of Pioneer Group SA, (a South African food and drinks maker listed in Johannesburg), Bokomo currently produces 615 million bowls of cereal a year, and develops varieties including muesli, granola, and porridge for own-brand cereals.

It is one of only three companies worldwide that makes wheat biscuits, the best known of which in the UK is Weetabix. Bokomo predicted it would have to produce 18,000 tons of cereal in 2016, in order to meet demand.

As a result, the company is moving its Peterborough manufacturing site to a larger building in the area, and it also has a plant in Wellingborough.

John Hiles, Chief executive of Bokomo, said: “We have outgrown our current 67, 000 sq ft space, and moving into the new building will allow us to maintain our world-class reputation and offer our customers better efficiencies and improved processes. And of course it will accommodate future growth.  

“We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are gaining access to the most innovative, high quality products at competitive prices to offer our customer base.

“This, coupled with a strong team and a successful new product development programme, has all contributed to our growth and with this move 2016 is looking to be an exciting year for us.”