Speciality Breads has made its two bakeries and entire product portfolio 100% nut-free.

The company has dropped two lines from its range and both bakeries have undergone a rigorous process and restructuring to attain nut-free compliance.

 “At the beginning of last year we saw an increase in the number of customers requesting ‘nut-free’ breads,” said managing director Simon Cannell.

“As we only had a couple breads containing nuts, we made the decision for both our bakeries to become completely nut-free.

“Allergens are a concern for every catering establishment, so we wanted to make sure that our customers have complete peace of mind and we can provide chefs and consumers with a clear guarantee and assurance.”

The move follows its recent vegan launch, where it revealed a 60-strong range of its breads had been registered by The Vegan Society, as well as the addition of a new vegan burger bun, as the trend for plant-based eating continues.