Addo Food Group-owned Tottle Bakery has launched a new Pork, Cheddar and Ale pie to celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day (20 January).

The pie is available to purchase online for £3.99 and has a delivery time of three to five working days.

Sam Benjamin, brand manager for Tottle, said the pie was a “celebration of the UK’s best food and drink, and the outdoor-bred pork, ale and cheddar flavours naturally complement each other”.

Tottle has also launched another pork and cheese combo, Long Clawson Stilton with pork and apple.

“Tottle is all about combining the best of British flavours using premium ingredients to create some really unique and luxurious baked foods, Benjamin added.

“We are currently looking at developing a whole host of new ranges, with flavours and combinations that will offer food lovers something quite different.”