Feel Free for Gluten Free is launching what it claims is the UK’s first gluten and wheat free frozen doughnuts.

The products were developed after the company felt doughnuts were often a product which is not available in a good gluten free alternative.

The sugared ring doughnuts, sold in boxes of 12, are made with potato and starch, to achieve the same doughnut taste as those sold in fun fairs, according to customer feedback.

Sally Allister, managing director of Feel Free for Gluten Free, said: “When we sampled our doughnuts at the Allergy Show, the response was staggering. We knew we had a good product and felt confident people would like it, but weren’t prepared for the ecstasy some coeliacs felt at tasting their first doughnut in years.

“Doughnuts are a bakery product that many people on a gluten or wheat free diet have previously had to go without. With donuts in the top three of core bakery products, it’s not fair that they should miss out.

“Our packs of individually wrapped frozen doughnuts give our food service customers an alternative to the ubiquitous gluten free chocolate brownie. I’m certain gluten and wheat free diners will welcome the option of having a doughnut with their coffee while eating out and about; it’s something that certainly isn’t readily available at the moment.”

The doughnuts are available from Monday 8 September to both food service customers and public consumers.