The UK’s first crisp sandwich shop has closed down three months after opening, in a development blamed on the owner’s poor health.

Mark Pearson launched Mr Crisp in Keighley, West Yorkshire, on 30 July, in a blaze of national and international media publicity.

The shop had stocked more than 50 varieties of crisps which could be eaten in white or brown bread, teacakes and baguettes.

Additions to the crisp sandwich on offer included tomato ketchup, salad cream, peanut butter, jam and marshmallow.

But the 42-year-old announced on Facebook on 22 September that a Mr Crisp franchise was available. Then, on 24 September, he posted that he wanted a small shop in a town centre location to rent for Mr Crisp.

On 29 September he said that Mr Crisp was closed due to relocation and was moving to better premises.

On 16 October Pearson posted on Facebook that he had decided to close Mr Crisp due to ill health. Anyone interested in buying the business should message him.

It was reported in the local press that Pearson had been in and out of hospital with heart problems after suffering three epileptic seizures.

He was taking a few months off to recover and was looking for between £5,500-£6,500 for stock, equipment and brand - but excluding the premises from the sale.