Wall’s Pastry has added a new flavour to its Thins product line-up.

Brand owner Addo Food Group said the new slices, which combine a Chicken and Chorizo pairing, containing only 65 calories per slice.

It added that the Chicken and Chorizo combination brings a “new and exciting” option to the Wall’s Thins range, and is designed to appeal to consumers who enjoy different flavours that aren’t typically found in traditional chilled pastry products.

“The spiciness of the Spanish chorizo adds a vibrant kick to chicken, providing a taste sensation that is then sealed in our Wall’s Pastry,” said Michael Holton, brand marketing manager at Addo.

“At just 65kcal, we know this new launch is set to go down a storm with consumers. The success of our Thins range proves that the trend for healthier on-the-go snacking options is showing no signs of slowing.”

The Chicken & Chorizo Thins join the Sausage Thins which launched last year, and are available now, priced at £1.50 for a pack of five.