Want to know how to measure bread texture? Or understand the role of batter rheology in cake making? Then we can help.

Knead to Know is British Baker’s regular feature dedicated to bakery technology advice and queries, offering expert knowledge from consultancy Campden BRI.

Published monthly in the pages of British Baker magazine, the Knead to Know features are now also available online.

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  1. Why do bakery products have different mould-free shelf lives?
  2. How does bread dough develop?
  3. How do you make gluten- and wheat-free bread?
  4. Why do the walls of my bread loaf collapse inwards?
  5. What is the role of salt in bread?
  6. How can we measure the texture of bread products?
  7. What ingredients do I need to develop gluten-free bread?
  8. How can pulses be used in baked goods?
  9. Why is batter rheology important for cake quality?
  10. What should be considered when replacing eggs in baked products?
  11. Why do we add bread improvers?
  12. How can you bake for vegans?
  13. What are the key challenges to reducing sugar in baked goods?
  14. Why should the addition of salt to dough be delayed?
  15. Which type of sourdough should I use?
  16. Is vacuum cooling suitable for bread and cake products?
  17. Using sprouted flour in bread
  18. Hydrocolloids and emulsifiers in gluten-free baking
  19. Chemical preservation in baked goods
  20. Do you know your flour?
  21. Why do traditional sourdough recipes not include yeast?
  22. Allergen information on non-prepacked bakery products
  23. How egg proteins help create aerated cakes
  24. Shelf life: the effect of pH...
  25. … and the importance of water activity
  26. Fruit stability in cakes
  27. High-protein baking

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