Bakers, their suppliers and other industry experts offer advice on a range of topics. 

Add value through storytelling

Today’s consumer is hungry for knowledge, it’s all about the storytelling. 
This ‘caring and sharing’ approach has an important impact on the relationships you build over the counter while selling your bread. 
Caring about the impact the sourdough could have on families’ overall well-being, while sharing the knowledge – from the heritage of the grains, nutritional values through to how to serve and eating suggestions. It’s all about adding value.”

Catherine Connor, marketing director, Lovingly Artisan

Flavour forward

“Sourdough breads, crackers, flatbreads and madeleines carry grain flavours really well. When making madeleines, pull back on the sugar so the fat really brings the grain flavour forward.”

Dawn Woodward, baker, Evelyn’s Crackers

A toast to great flavour

“When making porridge bread, or any kind of bread, toast the oats or flakes you are using. This makes a massive difference to the flavour.”

Wing Mon Cheung, baker, Ten Belles Bakery

Just go for it

“If you are someone with limited experience in the baking industry, or a home baker, you have to be pushy if you want a job in bakery. Go into bakeries, talk to people and show them how passionate you are – they really appreciate that.”

Lydia Schofield, baker, Aston’s Bakehouse

Porridge breads

“Cracked or rolled grains work well for porridge bread because the starches are exposed. Cook them down with hot water and, as it cools, the porridge will thicken. Fold it into dough at about 20-30% of the dough’s weight – any more will be detrimental.”

Luke Duffy, baker, E5 Bakehouse