The BLT has been voted the UK’s favourite sandwich in a poll conducted by the British Sandwich Association.

Over 3,500 people took part in the online vote to help identify the country’s top 10 sandwich fillings. While varieties of chicken sandwich appeared on the list three times, it was bacon, lettuce and tomato that topped the poll, with prawn mayonnaise finishing a close second.

“It is no surprise to see chicken varieties scoring well as they currently account for around 30% of sandwich sales in the retail sector, but we didn’t really expect to see the BLT take the number one spot,” said Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association.

“There are a lot of variations and opinions about exactly what makes a good BLT. Quality of bacon is clearly key and the tomatoes need to be really fresh and tasty while lettuce should be crunchy - iceberg tends to be the most popular.”

Winship added that the top 10 has confirmed that while the nation’s taste in food is becoming more eclectic, we still prefer to play it safe when it comes to sandwiches.

British Sandwich Association’s Top 10 Sandwich Fillings

1.                   BLT

2.                   Prawn Mayonnaise

3.                   Chicken & Bacon

4.                   Cheese & Pickle

5.                   Chicken Salad

6.                   Cheese & Onion

7.                   Bacon

8.                   Tuna & Sweetcorn

9.                   Egg Mayonnaise

10.                 Chicken & Stuffing